Whippets’ Flat Houses a Young Couple in Katowice, Poland

Whippets’ Flat Houses a Young Couple in Katowice, Poland

The entire project for the Whippets’ Flat is based on the idea
of creating a comfortable home in Katowice, Poland for a couple and
their prominently featured dogs. Grzegorz
designed the flat with an open floor plan that gives the
owners the ability to configure the furniture however they like,
depending on how they need the space to function.

The only division is between the daytime space, featuring the
kitchen, dining room, and living room, and the nighttime area,
which houses the bedroom and ensuite bathroom, which are hidden
behind the pink wall.

The minimalist design features white walls and ceilings, paired
with dark wood veneered cabinets and stone accents. Bold colors
playfully stand out, like the emerald green sofa and bright pink

Large windows keep the interior filled with light and making the
space feel even bigger.

Between the bedroom and open bathroom, a curtain is hung for
added privacy.

Photos by Grzegorz Layer.

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