VanMoof X2 ebike: ‘Bad news for bike thieves’

Its stealth lock is just one of many innovations in this smartest of smart new ebikes

Price £2,598 vanmoof.comWeight 19kgGears 2-speed, autoRange 40 miles, full powerCharge 4 hoursTop speed 15.5mph

“That’s one of those bikes that looks like it’s made of scaffolding poles,” scoffs my friend Richard. With its straight lines, strong tube work and uncompromising angles, I can see what he means. But I’m sure the design team at VanMoof, and the 11,000 customers who have bought the bike since reservations went live last June, would not agree. Anyway, setting itself apart from the crowd with its Marmite looks is just the half of it: VanMoof is determined to turn everything on its head, from safety to security.

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