TWICE’s Jeongyeon Stuns With Her New Super Short Hair Cut At The Lotte Family Concert

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TWICE‘s Jeongyeon has proved that she slays with any hair length, but short hair is definitely her specialty. She’s sported short hair since debut, only occasionally going for longer locks.

Jeongyeon-Dance-the-Night-Away-behind-twice-jyp-ent-41467252-865-1284Jeongyeon pictured during MV shooting for “Dance The Night Away”

Jeongyeon is most comfortable with short hair and usually opts for a neck-length cut with a light brown/blonde color.

jeongyeon_what is love

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For the Lotte Family Concert, however, Jeongyeon decided to go for a pitch black bob cut shorter than usual and after seeing the pictures ONCEs forgot how to breathe. This new look says one thing: Jeongyeon did not come to play.

jeongyeon_lotte family concert_1 jeongyeon_lotte family concert_2 jeongyeon_lotte family concert_3

Jeongyeon’s duality with this look is also amazing. With her bright smile she turns from fierce vixen who means business into a soft and sweet angel.

jeongyeon_lotte family concert_7 jeongyeon_lotte family concert_6 jeongyeon_lotte family concert_5

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Ah, Jeongyeon. Please keep blessing us with your never-ending supply of flawless visuals.


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