Tired of binging/5’2 females, how many cals do you eat?

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So I had a few years of disordered eating where I restricted very low (think 200-500ish calories) and lost a lot before binging started etc., and I gained most back – now I restrict very low for a few days, then binge again and end up gaining even more. I'm so so sick of this cycle! I really would love to lose this binge weight in a healthy, sustainable way, but I'm short and not too active (1-3 light workouts a week if any) and I remember a summer when I tried reverse dieting and upping my calories slowly every week – as soon as I got to 1400 cals, I had already put on 8lbs. It feels like I can only restrict very low or otherwise I won't lose or lose too slow (I have an underactive thyroid, but do get it treated so this shouldn't really be an issue actually). What is a good caloire count for someone like me to a) stop binging and feeling too restricted but b) also see results and not spend the following 5 years losing 20lbs or so?

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