This Polar Bear Sleeping Bag Is Everything, and We Can’t Wait to Ice-solate Ourselves in It

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Unless you’re a camping junkie, your experience with sleeping bags is probably limited to those weirdly-textured, crinkly things you used to bring to sleepovers as a kid. Luckily, they’ve come a long way since then, and a lot of them now cater to adults who are still little kids at heart (us). That’s why we’re obsessed with this Snoozzoo Adult Polar Bear Sleeping Bag For Adults ($170). Available on Amazon, this cozy (and hilarious) sleeping bag basically doubles as a giant polar bear onesie (it’s sized to comfortably fit anyone under 75 inches, which is 6’3″ for those keeping track!). Not only can you use it to sleep in, but you can also wear it as a costume, an all-consuming blanket while watching TV, or just something you throw on to scare the crap out of your roommates from time to time. The possibilities are endless.


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