These Swear Word Beach Towels Will Make Your Days in the Sun So Much F*cking Better

If you thought that a day lounging poolside or with the sand between your toes at the beach couldn’t get any better, then you clearly haven’t met these swear word beach towels yet. Not only are they absorbent AF and quick drying thanks to tightly coiled microfiber, but each one features a dirty-mouthed, but still clever, phrase that’s begging for you to selfie the hell out of yourself. As the towel’s creator Firebox says, “Spread this bad boy out on the sand and park your ass. You’re on holiday and it’s your duty to relax.” While some are a bit more NSFW than others, we love them all the same. Each towel costs about $33, though some are on clearance at the moment so you might just get lucky!

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