The Journey of Self-Mastery

For most things, the higher you aspire in them, the more
difficult they become.  Or at least it sure seems that way.  But
I do believe you reach a tipping point, where once you have
achieved a certain level of mastery, the process becomes
progressively easier.  Self-mastery is such a case.

You set your intention and begin the journey.  You seek guides
and mentors; people who have done what you want to achieve.  You
practice humility to learn, becoming the best student you can be. 
When you have done sufficient work, you reach that level of
accelerated growth.  Each level becomes more satisfying and you
seem to conquer more levels easier.  You start to become fluent in
your craft.

The only catch is you never get to the end, a state where you
have achieved total mastery.  But that isn’t the goal anyway. 
The goal is the journey itself.

– RG

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Journey of Self-Mastery
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