I received a message when dealing with paralyzing social anxiety that said “you are most beautiful when you let your light shine.” I got it tattooed on me and it got me through a lot

I just wanted to pass along the message for anyone who needs to hear it. It’s a message for everyone, not just me. After dealing with body dysmorphia, bulimia and debilitating social anxiety, I went through a spiritual awakening – I would be unable to leave my house because I thought I looked terrible. I haven’t had any anxiety in years and if I ever feel it coming on, I take a deep breath and tell myself to “let my light shine” I surrender to the universe and I’m on my way. I feel so lucky submitted by /u/PM2AM-FUNK [link] [comments] Read more: reddit.com

Does everything happen for a specific reason?

What do you think? Last Tuesday…Did I miss the green & yellow light and stop at a red…only to let the other car proceed… and then that same car get into an accident in the intersection and the driver die (instead of it being me?) Do we meet certain people for a very specific reason, to influence our future and other people’s? Did I get brutally assaulted in 2015 so that traumatic experience drove to me want to help others in that spot….? So that i became a first responder who helps other victims of violence flee their situations…? so they survive instead of dying at the hands of their abuser? Does each and every one of us have a …


I’ve been able to “see” things since I was a kid. Whether they are good or not is up for debate. I’ve had nightmares of these dark things and of light but I’m confused. I used to “see”shadows walking and all kinds of negative things standing in my room and I don’t know what to think of it. They abruptly stopped when I turned 15 but I still have nightmares and can still sense them at night. I never looked for these things they always came to me but never interacted with me only made their presence known. Does anyone know what this means. submitted by /u/alexgr333 [link] [comments] Read more: reddit.com

I’m feeling lost

Right now I'm going through a spiritual awakening. I'm 19 currently and I started my journey when I was 15-16. I am at the best I have ever been mentally. I am no longer a slave to my diagnosis'. Things have aligned so perfectly for me. I'm beginning to realise that that the friends I've been close to since the beginning of high school (around the age of 13 for me) are asleep. Some of them claim to be spiritually awake yet they say and do so many things out of anger, hate and jealousy. I know they are capable of being amazing beings of light, but I also know if I were to approach them about the situation, I …