Razer Viper Ultimate: a wireless gaming mouse done right

It’s been a few weeks since Razer announced the Viper Ultimate — a wireless gaming mouse which the company claims delivers 99.6-percent resolution accuracy. The Viper Ultimate builds on Razer’s Viper lineup, which emphasizes performance, precision, and speed in a light form factor. Now it offers this whole package in a fully wireless experience. But does it deliver on its promises? After toying around with this beauty for a few weeks, I can confidently say the answer is “yes, it does.” But allow me to elaborate. What does it get right? Let’s start with the obvious: at 74g (without the cable), this… This story continues at The Next Web Read more: thenextweb.com

My Favorite Things

This post is from the blog, InMyOwnStyle.com This month marks my 10th year of blogging. Ten years!!! It doesn’t seem possible that I have been sharing my passions, projects and life with you for that long. It has also been 10 years since Melissa from 320 Sycamore has hosted My Favorite Things. Much has changed about blogging since 2009, but My Favorite… Read More If you enjoyed this post you may also enjoy the easy to follow DIY Decorating Tutorials and Creative Ideas on my blog, In My Own Style.com Republishing this article in full or in part is a violation of Copyright law @2009-2019, all rights reserved Read more: inmyownstyle.com

Gene Kohn of KPF on Hudson Yards and Louis Kahn’s Teaching

Rosewood Bangkok / KPF © Owen Raggett Design:ED Podcast is an inside look into the field of architecture told from the perspective of individuals that are leading the industry. This motivational series grants unique insight into the making of a successful design career, from humble beginnings to worldwide recognition. Every week, featured guests share their personal highs and lows on their journey to success, that is sure to inspire audiences at all levels of the industry. Listening to their stories will provide a rare blueprint for anyone seeking to advance their career, and elevate their work to the next level. In this episode, host Aaron Prinz speaks with Gene Kohn, Founder and Chairman of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. Gene founded …

Yes, The Sonic Movie Redesign Was Led By Sonic Mania Animator Tyson Hesse

The fans were right. The revised design of Sonic the Hedgehog in Paramount’s upcoming movie has been revealed, and it’s been widely praised as a huge, massive, incalculable improvement on the character seen in the original trailer. Following the debacle surrounding the initial reveal (Sonicgate? Hedgehogate? It’s always a -gate), it was rumoured that Tyson Hesse, Sonic-fan extraordinaire and animator of the excellent Sonic Mania intro movie and accompanying shorts, was involved in the emergency redesign of the fastest thing alive. The original tweet revealing the revised Valentine’s Day 2020 release date featured an image which eagle-eyed fans deduced might be the handiwork of the talented animator. Hesse fanned the flames by posting an image of Tony Stark from the …

Deepdotweb admin says $15.5M Bitcoin ‘kickback’ scheme didn’t exist

An arrested Deepdotweb admin has refuted claims that he’d earned 8,000 BTC (worth $15.5 million at the time) through an affiliate marketing scheme for dark web marketplaces, Bitcoin News reports. Earlier this year, a co-ordinated police effort led to the arrest of several individuals around the world for their role in maintaining Deepdotweb, a dark web portal. It prominently featured an index of dark web marketplaces, including reviews. It also hosted information related to Tor-hidden services, interviews with prominent dark web developers, and published news of police raids on illegal marketplaces, Bitcoin, and other privacy matters. Among them were two Israeli citizens,… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Bitcoin Read more: thenextweb.com

Aussie ‘E-Crime Squad’ arrests crypto exchange owner, seizing his Bitcoin ATM

Australian detectives have arrested a 38-year-old man as part of an investigation into an unregistered cryptocurrency exchange. The man, a resident in Cairnlea — a Melbourne suburb — was arrested at home, where police seized “a substantial amount of cash and false identification documents.” Authorities also seized a cryptocurrency ATM from a shopping mall in nearby Braybrook, which according to Google Maps is approximately 8 kilometres away from Cairnlea. The investigation began in June after the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), a government financial intelligence agency tasked with monitoring transactions, provided intelligence regarding reports of scam activity linked… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Bitcoin Read more: thenextweb.com

Airplane Mode offers the window seat thrills of a six-hour commercial flight in real-time

Developer Hosni Auji and publisher AMC have unveiled Airplane Mode, a game that promises to deliver all the mundane highs and tedious lows of a six-hour commercial flight in real-time. From the comfort of your Economy Class window seat, Airplane Mode aims to offer the “most realistic flight simulation ever created”. That includes the full taxi, take-off, and landing experience, cabin crew and fellow passengers, and authentic ambient noise. Each flight is randomised too, meaning that players will experience different events – such as delays, turbulence, bad wifi, and screaming babies – with each new play-through. Thankfully, you’ll be provided with a range of amusements to see you through to landing, ranging from a complimentary aircraft information card (and overhead …

Here’s the blueprint for the huge ‘Watchmen’ vibrator

The Dr. Manhattan vibrator made waves — figuratively but also presumably literally — when it debuted on HBO’s Watchmen a week ago. The network seems to have heard fans’ cries for more vibrator content, and they’ve delivered. Peteypedia is Watchmen’s Pottermore-esque companion site that fills in gaps not explained in the show with in-universe documents such as memos and interrogations. One of the latest files on Peteypedia is the blueprint for the (very blue) vibrator: “Excalibur” design sheet Image: HBO The file is titled “Excalibur, MerlinCorp. Raid (4/28/95)” and shows detailed diagrams of the vibrator along with annotated notes. The full name is listed as the “Electromagnetic Lithium Powered Excalibur,” which is not as Silicon Valley-snappy as the Lioness or …

Is there really a light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel?

Undiagnosed but I know damn sure there’s some deep rooted depression in me. It feels like this is all I know and it’s going to last an eternity. It’s all I remember feeling, I don’t know what I was like before this and it truly feels like this is just how life is. This is how I’m supposed to go through life and I’m just supposed to suck it up and push on. Does it really get better? Do you truly get to a point where you can look back and say “wow I made it though that. I’m stronger now.”? It doesn’t feel like this nightmare will ever end and god I’m just so done with it. submitted …

Gisele Bundchen Reveals Her Cute Secret to Staying Warm in Winter!

Gisele Bundchen is bundling up, thanks to her handsome hubby Tom Brady! The 39-year-old Brazilian model gave her 42-year-old New England Patriots football player husband some love in a cute Instagram posted on Sunday (November 10). PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gisele Bundchen “My friends always ask me as a brazilian how do I survive the New England cold. I have a really cozy @tombrady blanket. ❤️,” she captioned the cute picture. “And you have my ❤️ too,” Tom added in an adorable comment. Click here to see the post! READ MORE: Gisele Bundchen Bundles Up for Rare Day Out in NYC Read more: justjared.com

Fleeting Light – Geminid Meteor Shower

A film shot in the High Desert of California — the Alabama Hills, Eastern Sierras, Mount Whitney, and Joshua Tree — during the Geminid Meteor Shower. Filmed Dec. 12-14, 2010. More info about this film: evosiastudios.com/2010/12/15/geminid-meteor-shower/ Soundtrack: Happiness – Riceboy Sleeps. Performed live by Jónsi & Alex with the Hilliard Ensemble, Latvian National Choir, Wordless Music Orchestra, and Jeffrey Milarsky (Conductor). More info about the music: jonsiandalex.com/music Website: evosia.com Facebook:facebook.com/evosiastudios Twitter: twitter.com/evosia Motion / Timelapse gear from Kessler Crane. Henry is a Kessler sponsored shooter. kesslercrane.com Cast: Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia, Jónsi, sigur rós and Kessler Crane Tags: Geminid Meteor Shower, High Desert, Alabama Hills, Eastern Sierras, Mount Whitney, Joshua Tree, Lone Pine, Timelapse and Milky Way Read …


Explore the raw and wild nature of Norway in ultra high resolution. From epic landscapes at day and majestic shows of Aurora at Night, dive into a video that aims to transport you to one of the most beautiful parts of the earth. Visit timestormfilms.com for contact details and more content. Music licensed through musicbed: share.mscbd.fm/martinheck Some Stats: Filmed and edited in 3months, 10.000km driven and 35 nights slept in a (amazing) rooftop tent. 120.000 photos shot, 10TB of raw material and 750hours of rendertime. Cameras: Nikon D850, Sony A7RIII Lenses: Tokina Cinema Vista 25mm T1.5, Zeiss Otus 28mm f1.4, Sigma Art 14-24mm f2.8, Canon L 11-24mm f4, Sigma Art 50mm f1.4, Tamron 100-400mm Motion Control: eMotimo Spectrum ST4, Dynamic …

Our Google Pixel 4 XL video review is up

Great cameras, lackluster battery endurance and Android as envisioned by Google – that’s the brief consensus on the Pixel 4 XL. We’ve already posted our full written review a while back and now we have the video rundown which recaps the main findings and shares some new perspectives on what it’s like to actually use the Pixel 4 XL. Starting with the design Google’s latest flagship has a refreshed front with a tall forehead and is also different around the back with its square camera cutout. It’s nice to see some change after two years of relatively similar Pixel designs. Another welcome… Read more: gsmarena.com

Refresh your bedroom with this early Black Friday deal on sheets

TL;DR: Experience the sheer joy of sleeping in ultra cozy bamboo sheets — this 4-piece queen sheet set is just $32.99, a 69% savings.  Sadly, you can’t wave a magic wand to improve your sleeping habits. But something as straightforward as changing your bedding could be a step in the right direction. It makes sense: if you’re uncomfortable, you’re probably not getting the best sleep. And what better time to make the move than Black Friday month? (Yes, it has an entire month now.) Sleeping soundly all starts with laying on cozy, breathable materials, and these Bamboo Comfort 4-Piece Luxury Sheet Sets deliver exactly that. Read more… More about Home, Sleep, Sheets, Mashable Shopping, and Culture Read more: mashable.com

Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Major Leg Arriving with John Legend at Baby2Baby Gala 2019

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend couple up on the black carpet as they arrive at the 2019 Baby2Baby Gala on Saturday evening (November 9) at 3LABS in Culver City, Calif. The 33-year-old Twitter queen showed off some major leg in a green gown while the 40-year-old entertainer looked cool in a light blue suit for the event. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chrissy Teigen Earlier this month, John honored Chrissy at the 2019 Brandweek Brand Genius Awards Gala. READ MORE: John Legend’s Christmas 2019 Album – Stream & Download! FYI: Chrissy is wearing a Georges Hobeika dress. 10+ pictures inside of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend arriving at the event… Read more: justjared.com

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