OMG, This Hatching Toothless Is Just Like a Hatchimal, but How to Train Your Dragon-Style

Hatchimals have a new cousin, so to speak. Announced at 2019’s Toy Fair, Spin Master shared that they’ll be releasing a How to Train Your Dragon Hatching Toothless ($60), which hatches just like the Hatchimals your kids have grown to love, but with a bit of dragon flair.

Rather than rub and cuddle the egg to coax it to hatch, Toothless’s egg needs to be aggravated. Once bothered enough, Toothless, with his light-up mouth and pumping wings, will come alive inside his egg, hatch, and be ready to play. Kids ages 5 and up can play games with him like “Ask Toothless,” Hot Potato, and “Toothless Says,” and he can be taught how to dive-bomb and plasma blast, just like in the movies. Toothless will also roar or purr depending on his mood.

Get a sneak peek at the adorable interactive toy ahead, which will be available in the Fall.


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