Navy’s Advanced Aerospace Tech Boss Claims Key UFO Patent is Operable – The War Zone

Tyler Rogoway and colleagues at The War Zone have been digging deeply into the science and seemingly science fiction famously operative in Naval aviator encounters with unidentified flying objects in 2004 and 2014/15. Brett Tingley’s latest article on the tussle between the Navy and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office over patent applications for certain disruptive technologies raises more questions in the author’s mind (and ours) than it answers. Navigating through “An intimidating river of mumbo-jumbo and sophisticated babble,” Tingley senses that the stakes in this legal battle have been raised, and vows that The War Zone “has only just begun” “its investigation into these patents and the Navy-funded research that led to them.” We’ll stay tuned, thankful for what light this team can shed on the matter. (WM)

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