Limitations of Love Spells

Hello all, I’m a new witch (I’ve only been practicing for seven months) and am curious about love spells. I’m not intending on doing any, anytime to anyone, but am just curious as to what they are, how they go into affect, and what they mean. Can you cast a love spell on someone you don’t necessarily know, or have contact with? I wondered this after someone I knew remarked about casting love spells on celebrities, ones that this person had never met. At first I assumed it would be impossible to do, but celebrities are regular humans at the end of the day. Then I wondered if perhaps this person would simply be placing a curse upon themselves by “loving” the celebrity but being unable to attain them. Are love spells more potent/likely to work after you’ve met the target? Or does this not matter at all? Could any more practiced witches shed some light for me on the limitations of love spells? Sorry for all the questions!

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