It Was Raining Catfish At Juhu Airport, Officials Explain Bizarre Phenomenon – Mirror Now News

Was it literally raining catfish, or was the whole incident conflated for clicks to shill advertisements? Maybe a little bit of both in a fortean tale you’re guaranteed to enjoy. Next time you’re heading out to meet with fellow weirdos at conventions, or merely hop across the pond to visit your mates, consider dressing the part. George Mair reports how The Loch Ness Monster Gets Its Own Tartan From Award-Winning Designers. Hopefully it’ll be availble for pre-order at fine craft shops ’round the globe. When you’re knocking back a pint with your mates whilst sporting your Nessie kilt, share the Extraordinary Moment When A “Ghost” Flings Items Across A York Bar. Gosh darn it, YorkMix! You tipped your hand putting ghost in quotes! Still it’s a bit of fun. Also if you reckon the New York Times talking saucers and aliens is huge, Popular Mechanics has been at it since your grandpop was knee-high to a junebug. Want proof? Andrew Daniels shares a bunch of Popular Mechanics UFO Covers From Over The Years just in time for World UFO Day week! (CS)

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