Hidden escapes: a Bloomsbury oasis

It looks like the lofty home of a Victorian adventurer, but this tiny London flat is a masterpiece of illusion

Few of us have the creative vision needed to turn a featureless box with no side windows into an urban des res. But Neil McLachlan is an interior designer and discovering a property’s hidden potential is his trade. So when the New Zealander spotted an ad for a “surprisingly affordable” apartment on the ground floor of a vast, inter-war mansion block in Bloomsbury, in central London, he sensed an opportunity.

A modest side entrance and a long, unpromising corridor lead to the 65m2 space, which originally served as the caretaker’s workshop. “I was worried it would be very dark, but the last owner was a photographer who’d added the skylights,” says McLachlan. “The apartment is south-facing so it always feels bright. For me, it’s about volume and light. This place had both, so I knew I could make it work.”

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