From a gentle squeeze to an emotional embrace, I’m a black-belt in hugging | Hannah Jane Parkinson

A hug is sort of a human contact master key: it works with all the emotions

I am aware of the split between huggers and non-huggers; a self-identifier almost as stentorian as Remain or Leave, Manchester United or Liverpool, Blur or Oasis. I am a hugger. I have always been and, barring some traumatising hugging-related incident, always will be.

I am tactile in other ways, too. I don’t think anything of putting a light hand on people’s upper arms, or knees, or offering a high-five. This sort of thing in certain scenarios with certain people can be problematic (all powerful men, I am very much looking at you), and some people have such a strong aversion to casual touching that it is best to gauge this before slapping them heartily on the back. But hugging, for me, is one of life’s true pleasures.

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