Fresh white home with a blue bedroom

This beautiful Swedish home is both crisp and cozy at the same time. This is quite a difficult look to achieve, since this crisp look can easily become too clean or clinical. By adding a lot of beige and natural tints to the white palette in both living room and kitchen, the space still looks warm and inviting.

The low hanging &tradition Formakami pendant* looks great above the coffee table and the soft grey area rug creates a softer looking area there. Both the living room and kitchen dining table have a nice contrast of black, white and natural tints and they both look very inviting to me.

The bedroom must be my personal favorite room of this apartment and this is mainly because of the deep faded blue wall color that peaks through even from the other room. The white bedding with the black piping* contrasts very nicely with the dark walls and the blue linen pillows* are a great match to the wall paint.

via Alvhem


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