Does everything happen for a specific reason?

What do you think?

Last Tuesday…Did I miss the green & yellow light and stop at a red…only to let the other car proceed… and then that same car get into an accident in the intersection and the driver die (instead of it being me?)

Do we meet certain people for a very specific reason, to influence our future and other people’s? Did I get brutally assaulted in 2015 so that traumatic experience drove to me want to help others in that spot….? So that i became a first responder who helps other victims of violence flee their situations…? so they survive instead of dying at the hands of their abuser?

Does each and every one of us have a pre determined set of things that we will have happen to us… specifically because of the way our lives have lined up?

Does this make sense to anyone ?

Or is life pointless and nothing means anything?

Interested to see what the reddit viewers say

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