Caging people to dominate them is a sign of weakness, not power | Ghassan Hage

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When humans use caging techniques in the pursuit of domination, they should be accountable for any resulting loss of life

It started with a mundane observation, but one made possible by years of being attentive to, studying and writing about human-animal domestication relationships.

I was walking my dogs to a park not far from my house. To do so, I have to cross the main road. On the other side was a man who had his dog on a leash. My dogs are trained to stop at the pedestrian red light without needing a leash. The green light appears with a rattling noise that they recognise as a sign to get ready. I say “Go!” as an extra prompt and they cross. When this happens, I not only believe that unlike many others I don’t need a leash, I also feel superior to them.

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