[ASK] which one is better for enterprise? Eloqua, marketo, hubspot, exponea, omnisend


I am looking for marketing automation platform that is suitable for company with characteristic below 1. enterprise with millions of customers. 2. mobile app focused 3. Fintech

Been browsing for options on g2crowd.com and some threads here on reddit and some of the names that caught the attention are 1. Eloqua 2. Marketo 3. Hubspot 4. Exponea 5. Omnisend

Some of the capabilities that I am looking for are but not limited to 1. Email, SMS, and in app notification automation 2. A/B test for email, SMS, push notification, landing pages 3. Customer Segmentation 4. Analytics 5. Collaboration 6. Sync with Calendar 7. User permission setting 8. Email Design helper 9. Ability to have data reside on premise if possible. Or at least customer data must be encrypted

For those that is/have been using those services above, or know other better alternative. Please enlighten us with your Knowledge

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