1 Mom’s Hilarious Note to Huggies Shows It Might Not Have Thought Its Toy Story 4 Design Through

Emilee Webber, a mom with a good sense of humor, recently pointed out a small issue with Huggies’ Pull-Ups that will have moms and dads rolling. In a now-viral Facebook post, she explained how putting Woody from Toy Story 4 on the front may not have been the wisest choice. She wrote:

“Dear Huggies, I completely understand that your new addition of toy story designs are in conjunction with the release of Toy Story 4. It’s an excellent marketing ploy because, I mean seriously, what 2-3-year-old boy doesn’t love Toy Story? However, as a mom, I’ll say this, foresight would’ve been wonderful. I’m writing this as my 2-year-old is patting the front of his pants saying, ‘I love my Woody’ for about the millionth time this week. Why can’t Buzz be on the front? Sincerely, A slightly concerned, yet seriously overly-amused parent.”

Ha! Well, at least she had the guts to offer honest feedback, right?!

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